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Rebalance Holistic Therapy







Madhu Kuntawala, RMT

Madhu has lived in Albany since 1989. She has been developing skills

in the field of holistic healing, and has achieved all three certifications

to practice Holistic Therapy: Level 1, Level 2, & the Level 3 Reiki

Master Teacher certification –the highest level achievable. Volunteering

her services at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in the infusion room in

the oncology center, Madhu has provided over 800 hours and 7 years

of relaxation therapy to the oncology patients.



A gentle, yet effective holistic technique that balances, energizes, and harmonizes the spirit, mind, and body.
Experience deep relaxation and stress relief in hands-off, fully clothed sessions customized to your individual needs.
Come experience the transformation that ReBalance Holistic Therapy can create in your life.


As a nurse, I know it is important to balance western medicine with holistic therapies for overall well-being. My transformation over the last year has been life changing. Everyone who knows me comments on the positive changes and sense of happiness I exude. I recommend Rebalance Holistic Therapy  for anyone.

-Dr. Deanna Howe PhD, RN, CNE

Madhu is very knowledgeable about health. I feel that my problems with my knee and eyes have stabilized. She has also pinpointed flare up in other areas. By maintaining regular treatments, I feel that I am taking major steps for good health.